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The epidemic of tobacco-caused disease is a product of the rise of Big Tobacco.

The tobacco industry has known for decades that its products are addictive and deadly.

Tobacco companies engaged in massive, coordinated efforts to obscure the truth about their products.

The tobacco industry has engaged in manipulation of science for public relations purposes.

The tobacco industry has targeted children, youth and young adults.

The tobacco industry targets vulnerable/marginalized groups.

The tobacco industry regards health authorities—the Surgeon General, the World Health Organization, and major organizations like the American Lung Association—as their “opponents” and has engaged in spying and attempts to discredit, disrupt their work and obscure their messages.

The tobacco industry knows firsthand that its products cause suffering and death: its customers and their families have been telling them so for years.  

The tobacco industry is now targeting developing countries where smoking rates have been historically low, especially among women.  

Tobacco is an environmentally destructive industry.