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2011 Philip Morris International Shareholder meeting gained national and international media coverage. The CEO told  a Nightingale Nurse, "It's not that hard to quit smoking."

NBC nightly news    MSN money    The Daily Mail (UK)    The Huffington Post         USA Today    Yahoo News    New York Daily News    Associated Press     The Boston Globe   

2011 Advance for Nurses article Nurses Against Big Tobacco

2010 Philip Morris International shareholder meeting Associated Press  article by Michael Felberbaum.

More coverage of the 2010 protest at and in the American Journal of nursing blog.

International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT) E-Magazine September 2009 - February 2010 issue  Nurses and Tobacco Control Issue.

American Journal of Nursing - Nightingales vs. Big Tobacco: Nurses confront the nation’s greatest public health threat.

Nurseweek -Philip and Me - Motivated by the effects smoking has on patients, a group of nurses invest time, money, and effort to confront Big Tobacco The Nightingales shareholder meeting protests were also covered by local news in the New Jersey Daily Record

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