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Our Goal: Every year every nurse will help at least one person to quit.

RN2Q1 Action Items:

  1. Sign up and pledge to help at least one person to quit every year

  2. Ask every person you help to quit to register with QuitNet, and to  join the NightingalesNurses Club at www.quitnet.com

  3. Spread the word: invite your colleagues to join, and ask your nursing organization to support RN2Q1

  4. Smokefree laws result in a decline in the consumption of tobacco products, and an increase in the cessation rate among smokers. Help with getting smokefree policies in your community and workplace. 

  5. Join the Nightingales Nurses and speak out at Big Tobacco shareholder meetings. We will tell the tobacco executives how many people nurses helped to quit, and how many dollars profit were NOT made for the industry.

Nurses can stop the industrially produced epidemic. The industry only cares about profits.

Nurses care about people.

Find the tools you need at:


Nightingales Nurses

Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence

The Center for Tobacco Research and Training  has  an online course "Basic Skills for Working with Smokers" that provides 14 CEUs for nurses.

American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation


Ask people you've helped to quit to join QuitNet's NightingalesNurses Club